Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning to drive at the age of 27.

This summer, I have an agenda filled with goals I need to accomplish before school reconvenes for the new year. Among these goals are: losing thirty pounds, finishing my two courses with Walden University, and getting my driver's license. Yes getting my driver's license! I have made several failed attempts to get this darn thing and always something would come up to postpone or stop me. This time things are going to be different. I have been practicing and practicing and I have a good feeling about this time. I think I am on the way to becoming a licensed driver. For years, I had been carrying around a permit flashing it as a valid id well it is a valid id but its not a license. After this week, I will be able to flash a real license and be proud to say I finally earned it even though it took me eleven years. I am not ashamed of not having a license because there are so many things that I do have that most folks don't. I, however, don't ridicule people who don't have what I have because I know we are all different. I just hope that people would do the same with me when they find that I don't have a license. It really doesn't matter now because by the end of the week, I hope to be well on my way to being a license driver.


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  2. Thanks, I really appreciate the comment very much.

  3. I absolutely love this sentence:I,however, don't ridicule people who don't have what I have because I know we are all different. When I lived in Colorado several students asked Why was I so different from the rest of them. It was after I explained that they began to understand that there were things that they could do that I could not, but that there were also things that I could that they couldn't, and accept me for who I am.