Saturday, July 11, 2009

I can't believe it........

I just can't believe how much I actually cried this week. I broke a promise to myself, I said that I would steer clear of MJ's memorial service. So I did everything I could to keep my promise. I went to the DMV to take my written test (I found my birth certificate and social security card after two weeks of searching...YAY!!!!!) and I passed and obtain my permit. I was on cloud nine that is until I returned home. I decided I wanted to watch some tv so I turned on the boob tube and every station had coverage of MJ's memorial service. So I succumbed to the temptation and watched it. As soon as Lionel Ritche began singing "Jesus is Love" I started crying like a baby. I cried long, hard, and ugly. After a few minutes, I changed the channel. But I couldn't resist, I had to see the memorial through til the end. A few minutes later, I was back watching it again and crying even more. I turned in to Usher's tear-filled rendition of "Gone too Soon". When Usher finished he cried and I cried again too. I shut the tv off and left the room but that wasn't the end. Later that evening, they were doing a recap of the most memorable moments of the memorial and I got a glimpse of MJ's young daughter Paris euglogizing her father. When she cried, I cried again and again and again. I couldn't believe how much I was crying that day and over MJ. I was a fan of his earlier music and almost everybody tried to do the moonwalk but I felt pity for him in his latter years and hoped that he would soon find peace. I did not know how loosing MJ would affect me personally. I almost feel ashame to admit that I cried as much as I did. But I did cry, I cried alot and I mourned him for the better part of this past week. MJ's passing has taught me a valuable lesson, appreciate those you have while you have them and show them you care and love them. Maybe if the world had shown him the love they lavish now, maybe it would have been enough to keep him here a little while longer. I now close this post by saying: I have mourned the lost of MJ and have prayed that his family find peace. I am going to move on and remember him as a great entertainer and respect the wishes of his brother Marlon to leave him alone. I ask that anyone who reads this blog post to consider doing the same. Michael lived and Michael died he was only human. Jesus lived and Jesus died but God rose Jesus again and Jesus lives forever!

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  1. I am glad to hear that you were able to find your birth certificate and social security card. CONGRATULATIONS! on passing the test and obtaining your drivers permit. That is awesome. I totally agree that Jesus lives forever.