Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving Toward Dynamic Technologies

Static versus Dynamic Technologies
I believe after reading this Module's readings that I am somewhere in the middle. I rely heavily on email, wikipedia, and blogging when it comes to communicating and getting information. Most of the research I do is online and it comes from databases such as Academic Search and ERIC which are resources for unchanging information. Whenever I want to communicate, I either email a group member or text a friend or relative and sometimes I even page the person if I feel it is urgent. I seldomly use SKYPE even though I am familiar with the technology in theory, I , however, am not comfortable with the technology. I have just recently learned how to use a microphone to record audio files on my computer and through trial and error, I am currently learning how to use and record images on my webcam. I am learning slowly how to use dynamic technology but if I had to choose, I would prefer to stick with static because it is not as threatening or as stressful to navigate. As I was reading through some of my classmates mind maps, I saw that their views on static and dynamic were similar to mine. For instance, Nikisha Greer's blog post suggests "that dynamic technology is an important aspect when preparing students for a future based on new technologies" (2009). I agree, new technologies are emerging daily and the best way to prepare for them is to use them and become familiar with them. Another interesting comment I read came from Shauna Cromwell in regards to her teaching style. Like Shauna, I must admit that I am stuck teaching in static mode also. I am comfortable in static mode but this mode is not the best for my students and that is why I am taking these classes because I want to move passed my comfort zone and into the new century taking my students with me as I go. A link to Shauna's mind map is presented below in the resources.

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Shauna Cromwell

Shauna Cromwell

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  1. Ametha,

    Unlike you and Shauna I don't want to teach with static technology. But with limited resources at my school, I have no choice. I need to have my children (7,5,3) show you have to use the webcam. They make little videos singing and dancing all the time; esp during holidays.