Monday, September 28, 2009

Elements of Distance Education Diffusion

The advantages and benefits of online learning are gradually starting to be notice by more and more individuals. Online learning offers flexibility and easy access to course materials and readings. One reason I chose online learning is because of the flexibility it offers to my hectic schedule. More can be done to strengthen online forums such as adding satelite and video lectures as well as web chats where instructors and students can communicate back and forward with each other. Weaknesses may include instuctors lack of communication in timely manner. Students being unable to access the system due to glitches or system matenience up keep. Other than that, online education was the perfect choice for me. There exist a growing acceptance of online learning because of increase in online communication, practical experience with new tools, growing comfort with online discourse, and ability to communicate with diverse and global groups (Siemens, 2008). Opportunities for growth can be in the form of increase in student enrollment, more corporate sponsorships and partnerships to increase enrollment, and increase in workforce training. These opportunities can be maximized by the creation of virtual universities that cater to working and professional adults, providing education to individuals of diverse backgrounds, and collaborations with businesses to keep interest in online programs promoted. “Collaboration with other entities also can help educational institutions round out their distributed education programs (2001). Many online learning programs have webchat and skype in order to help students stay in contact with their instructors and classmates. Message boards in the classroom forum along with email also helps keep students in contact with instructors and classmates. Online learning has come a long way since the correspondence courses of the sixties and seventies but there is still more that needs to be done in order to make online learning more successful.


Siemens, G. (2008). The Future of Distance Education. Laureate Education Inc, Baltimore, Arthur.

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  1. I agree with you that distance learning has come a long way. I remember taking a class at DePaul University for work. You would have to sign in and the class would be delivered to you via whiteboard. Then I experience the phase of distance learning through compressed video classes. And now here at Walden University where everything is completely online and no face-to-face interaction at all. I think the instructor should post their picture.

    Kayla Ned